Mobile Marketings Great Impact

by cross channel mojo bonus on December 7, 2011

In the world of marketing media, the newest invention is the mobile marketing.  Mobile marketing involves a communication with the consumer through a mobile or cellular device.

This kind of marketing policy is gradually increasing day by day among the business promoter and advertisers all over the world.  Mobile marketing is often called real time marketing as the target customer gets the promotional message instantly as with cross channel mojo.

There is a better probability of communication with the consumer in mobile marketing than any other advertising media as the probability of getting opened of a text message is greater than any other advertising medium, even of an e-mail.  When comparing to other mediums of advertising, mobile marketing is much inexpensive, reliable and personal. Nowadays nobody in the world can refuse to take his cellular device with him even when he is spending his holidays, which is the key of the success of mobile marketing in such a broad way.

There are various kinds or procedure in mobile marketing such as SMS, MMS, gaming applications, or mobile web pages.  MMS can contain a promotional offer with image audio and even video presentation while text message contains only information about the offer or promotion.  Many brands now use the advertising option in a web page which can be easily viewed by a mobile device thus increasing their exposure thru cross channel marketing.

Location based services are used by the marketing organizations as it helps to offer or promote various packages to the customer depending upon his location.   Mobile marketing is the most popular marketing medium in this current world but there is a matter of concern as sometimes it is sent without the permission of the consumer and it makes a hazard in the privacy of the customer. It should be concerned that irrespective of how well a promotional message is designed, if consumers lose the belief  about protecting their privacy,  this will hinder the progression of this marketing media.

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